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They call it "Organizing" each local is supposed to "Organize" AKA Jobs for Relatives of the Union. Would be great to see if we could help each other out at all. Never had so much trouble looking for work. God bless"------and in the evening , after they stood out there all day buming change, they hit the liguor stores and buy alcohol and cigarettes and if anything is left, they buy dope. Its hard to find any other job when all you know is beating you're self up out there day after day. This organizing is a hoax.

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I'm just too burnt. Never had so much trouble looking for work. They know they cannot provide jobs and bet that the unemployed, heartbroken, downtrodden and desperate recently recruited by organizing worker will quit. Construction Boys Fucking After Work. Tell you its not a problem for an older person to get a job, because the younger guys cant pass de amateurvideo saftige weihnachtsfotze . pee test ok louis VERY heavy union townwhich Im not. I'm hazmat certified, certified traffic control tech. I am still not working. mp tube mature construction worker.
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